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E. 80 In OCR, Variability Is Specificity -Michol Dalcourt ViPR inventor


Welcome to episode 80 of the Obstacle Order!

Michol Dalcourt

In this Episode Philip and Elijah sit down with inventor, innovator, and leading thinking in the fitness industry Michol Dalcourt. Michol invented the revolutionary fitness tool the ViPR. He also founded the Institute of Motion which is a education platform online and in person with mentorships. Michol focuses on the concept of whole body integration to encourage performance gains and improved longevity of the tissues and the body structure.

Dalcourt is a wealth of knowledge and could fill many hours of airtime. This episode focuses on tissue hydration, training for life. Increasing longevity, and training the metabolic systems. In what serves as an introduction to the concepts the institute of motion teaches you will learn a lot about how to better manage your tissues to stay healthy and continue to perform better.

You can find Michol via IOM facebook page

Check out ViPR here

This is the link for Insitute of Motion

Listen here: