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We Are The Obstacle Order

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We are the Obstacle Order.

We are the obstacle order.  We are the few that embrace the unknown.  We are the athletes, the soldiers, the guy or girl just trying to get the motivation to pick themselves up off the couch, the amputee and the adventurous.  We are the growing number of people that realize the best way to succeed and flourish is to seek out discomfort.  We know that with pain comes growth and we embrace that.  We fight, we scrape and we always get up more times than we are knocked down.

When we see a wall, we know turning around or going around it is not an option.  That leaves us with two: over or through.

We beat the sun daily.  We run because we can.  We never accept the limits that those who can’t see outside of their’s, try to impose upon us.  We fight.  We bleed.  We burn and we ask for more.

We live life as if dying is not an option.  We have disintegrated the veneer.  We are connected.   As one, we go out to conquer whatever it is we need to conquer.  And at the end, at the end, when we are a heaving scraped up version of our former self, we ask for more.

We are the Obstacle Order.

This legion of unrelenting people refuses to sit back and accept the status quo.  In what has unfortunately become a great act of defiance, we move with a vengeance.  So join in and sign up for a race, do you next race faster, keep expanding your goals and your practice of attaining strength, endurance and grit.   This is a call to action to take your life back.  And as they say in Spartan Racing, “You’ll know at the finish line”

Who are Philip and Elijah?

We are two guys that are passionate about helping others to achieve new levels of greatness.  Our hope is through our personal journey you can learn how to further progress on yours.  We all have to start somewhere and of course we are all on different parts of the path.   Obstacle course racing is a great way to test where you are physically and mentally. Then you can go back to the drawing board and improve yourself both physically and mentally.  Our show is your view inside of our heads and onto our drawing board.  This is what we talk about  on  the podcast.   Neither of us claim to have all the answers or the ultimate approach for everyone, but what we do have is an unwavering curiosity and desire to get better.   With that being said, we are both fitness professionals with robust educational backgrounds, so our ideas have solid basis.    What separates us from many talking heads out there is we get in the mud.  We practice what we preach. We do work.

Here is Philip:


Philip is a professional trainer who is passionate about life and teaching people how to make the very most of it. His focus is on the workings and potential of the human body, the physiology, how it functions and moves as a system. Continuously educating himself and others on how the body works to maintain and develop ourselves is his passion.

With 10 years experience in the fitness industry; helping others to understand and to achieve their maximum potential has become his focus. Combining strength with balance, power with coordination, endurance, reactive and movement training to undertake everything in our lives is paramount to ensuring quality of life and quantity of life.

When he’s not co-hosting the Obstacle Order he is owner and operator of “Burlingame Fitness” training studio in Burlingame, CA.

*Philip can be found on Facebook and Instagram “@Trainerflip”

Here is Elijah:

Obstacle Order Eli over the dunk wall

Elijah has worked in the fitness industry for 10 years as a personal trainer. In college he earned a BS in kinesiology and competed in track and field in the sprints. After many years of trials and tribulations as a post collegiate athlete, Elijah has settled in nicely to the sport of Obstacle Course Racing. The multifaceted sport which requires a balance of strength and endurance has challenged Elijah to think outside the box when it comes to training and nutrition strategies. As the co-host of the Obstacle Order he has the opportunity to interview some of the top athletes and coaches in Obstacle Course racing. This has helped Elijah to become a consistent top 20 finisher in Spartan Races including a 4th place finish at the ATT park stadium sprint. In just 3 seasons Elijah has moved up from an also ran to a true contender. The next level goal for him is still a podium finish and a race win.

You can learn more about Elijah at his personal blog: www.elijahmarkstrom.com

*Elijah can be found on Facebook and Instagram “@elijahn5″

Elijah and Philip’s Goal

Elijah and Philip’s goal is to help anyone who listens to this podcast or reads the blog post to get better in life and on the obstacle course. We will give you new ideas to help you break through any walls you are coming up against.  If you made it this far, thanks for reading.  Subscribe to the podcast and this blog for updates when we post.

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